Why should training be a priority for designers?

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People sitting in conference room during trainingWhen we have projects that require much collaboration over a long period of time, training together as a team is really crucial. Getting everyone thinking together as a unit is a big part of what makes a project team successful. Refresher trainings help a team work together as a cohesive unit throughout the complex project process to ultimately achieve successful outcomes for the client.

Recently, Mead & Hunt team members involved in the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) projects attended a training summit. During this 3-day refresher training hosted by Mead & Hunt and Bentley Systems, designers collaborated on MnDOT design processes and roadway design with GEOPAK using OpenRoads technology. All key team members were invited to attend the summit at Mead & Hunt’s Minneapolis office to start this project off on the right note.

The summit included:

  • Technical training on project file management, CADD protocol, and ProjectWise organization.
  • Technical training on efficient roadway design modeling and plan development, including a deep dive into developing a project with SS4 Geopak.
  • Building synergy and camaraderie among staff who will be working on these projects for the next several years.
  • A project meeting with our contracting partners to bring our team together.

In this case, we have a large series of projects with a relatively new client, utilizing a new delivery method, so it is especially important to get everyone on the same page. The process of training together is useful not just for this project, but any project under similar parameters.

A good refresher training goes a long way to achieve harmony and synchronicity among all team members. At the end of the day, this strategy works toward what is really important to all of us as designers—providing the best possible outcome for the client.

Troy Pankratz, PE

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Troy Pankratz, P.E., has designed hundreds of roundabouts across the country using his expertise in intersection geometry to produce designs that elevate his clients’ investment. He absorbs the details of a project’s objectives, so he can work to develop ideal solutions. Troy finds educating and informing project stakeholders about innovative intersections particularly rewarding.

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