Fire station expands, preserves historic character

The Waunakee Fire Station was out of room, and the Waunakee Police Department moved into a different building. This provided the perfect opportunity for the fire station to expand and renovate the space to accommodate a growing fire department. Our team conducted a study with the fire department, fire district and the village of Waunakee. Based on the study, we created a unique fire station that is a source of pride for the community.

The new facility holds six total engine bays, four new offices, new locker and toilet rooms, new garage storage and existing area renovations. Since the survey participants enjoyed the historic character of the original building, our team created a similar feel throughout the rest of the new station. To complete the design, our team included an antique display that highlights the history of the Waunakee Fire Department throughout the years.


Waunakee Fire Station Expansion


Village of Waunakee


Waunakee, WI