Hydro operations, maintenance keeps power online

PG&E holds 26 FERC licenses and their hydroelectric system spans 16 river basins in California. Our team of hydropower engineers is assisting with ongoing hydroelectric operations and maintenance needs.  We manage eight sub consultants and perform civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering tasks to help PG&E meet FERC requirements for power production and safety.

In addition, we assist with constructability and construction cost estimates for projects with site access and other challenges. To maintain mechanical and electrical equipment, we assess powerhouse components.  For safety of maintaining hydro facilities, we created piping and instrumentation diagrams. Our evaluation and design for culvert capacity, as well as fish screen and other facility operations keeps the water flowing to produce power.

Other completed projects include gate automation, seepage control at dam abutment, slope stability design for flume repair and reconstruction, and energy dissipater design.


Hydro Operations and Maintenance Support for PG&E


Pacific Gas & Electric Company

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