Harnessing wind power in Iowa

Seeking to produce clean, renewable energy and benefit the local economy and national power grid, the developer initiated the Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm. We managed geotechnical oversight field work coordination, laboratory testing and engineering. We also developed the transportation plan to anticipate the heavy, repeated traffic and need for a long turning radius for material delivery.

The 183 wind turbine generators at the Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm generate 300 MW of electricity, roughly enough to power 83,000 homes. Our plan analyzed the existing drainage structures, erosion control and laydown yard design. It also upgraded the load carrying capacity and widened rural roads for the more than 130-foot required turning radius. Newly designed private roads allowed the equipment and materials to reach the remote site in existing farm fields. We performed base mapping, stormwater pollution prevention plans, staging site plans and some permitting assistance.


Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm Geotechnical Oversight


EDP Renewables

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Howard and Mitchell Counties, IA