Major interstate interchange rehabilitated in Dayton

The Ohio Department of Transportation planned a large roadway rehabilitation project in Dayton. Our team performed bridge design, survey, bridge inspection, roadway design and maintenance of traffic for this interchange of two interstate highways over a railroad crossing. Our bridge engineers completed the deck replacement and steel superstructure inspection for three ramps and provided project scheduling for traffic maintenance during construction. For the fourth ramp, we completed the deck and superstructure replacement.

The three ramps range in size from 11- to 14-foot span continuous steel plate girders, with the longest structure being 1,154 feet. The design for the fourth ramp is a rolled beam bridge over the CSXT Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railroads. Our complex framing plan, grid analysis and Preliminary Engineering Report set the groundwork for final design.


Ohio Interchange Improvements Over Railroad Crossing


Ohio Department of Transportation

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Dayton, OH