Remodel doubles production

Foremost Farms USA wanted to double their daily cheese processing yield from one to two million pounds. Mead & Hunt’s architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system designs were key to extending and up-sizing the existing central utility plant. We also worked with Foremost Farms to phase construction plans to reduce downtime and product quality issues.

The renovation added 22,000 square feet. The expansion also called for utility upgrades and interior remodeling to the remaining 128,000 square feet of existing processing plant. Our architects designed additional receiving bays, a tank vestibule, make room and loading dock rooms. Our team designed the HVAC, steam boiler, refrigeration and building electrical system. With portions of the facility more than 70 years old, we incorporated current code and sanitary requirements for the plant conversion layout and utility systems to meet today’s stringent standards.


Cheese Plant Remodel


Foremost Farms USA


Appleton, WI