Jeff Janis joins Mead & Hunt with a holistic approach to food plants

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Two men shaking hands in front of logo mounted to red wallJeff Janis’s 29-year long career working on the client side of food manufacturing gives him a unique perspective on what it takes to successfully operate a food and beverage plant. Recently the industry has shifted focus from crucial back-end infrastructure towards front-of-house operations, leading to higher capital cost and longer downtime for incidents. Jeff saw a need for more back-of-factory support in the industry and decided to address it.

During his years as a client, Jeff came across many engineering firms, vendors and contractors that promoted themselves as experts in everything. The firms that did the best projects for clients, however, knew their limitations and focused on core capabilities. For Jeff, focusing on one critical area—maintaining a plant’s supporting infrastructure and envelop of the plant—means being able to provide a truly exceptional quality of service.

These core critical infrastructure systems are important elements of the supporting infrastructure of food and beverage plants—and strengthening them is critical to the success of any plant. It can be dangerous (and very expensive to repair) if the infrastructure is not properly maintained. Ammonia refrigeration systems have serious hazards if not designed and maintained properly. On top of that, they require numerous complex OSHA, USDA, FDA, and FSMA guidelines to be followed.

Designing and maintaining back-end infrastructure for a food and beverage plant is a demanding job that requires a large depth and breadth of experience. Due to his years of experience working in a large food and beverage company, Jeff is up to the task. He understands the food and beverage industry, including how to procure funding for critical projects, and is passionate about solving client problems, sometimes even alerting them to needs they were previously unaware of.  “As a client, I saw firsthand how much the industry needs that critical ‘back-of-factory’ support. Now, my team and I are focused on providing that infrastructure support food plants need to be successful.”

For Jeff, creating a strong plant envelope and back-of-house systems for food manufacturing plants is just as important as focusing on front-of-house operations. When these systems are easily maintained, easily cleaned, and operating at peak capacity, the manufacturing process is safer, more sanitary and more cost-effective.

We are excited to welcome Jeff to the team! We look forward to implementing his expertise to provide comprehensive, holistic solutions that will serve our clients for years to come.

Greg Marconnet

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Greg Marconnet leads Mead & Hunt’s food and beverage team to deliver a quality engineering products that provide great value to our clients. He is an accomplished technical manager with solid technical skills in process equipment, packaging equipment, as well as capital planning, sanitary design and standards development. A life-long supporter of youth initiatives, Greg supports STEM activities as a local, state and national event supervisor for Science Olympiad.

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