Food & Beverage

Effective design balances form and function. Our clients value efficient, easy to clean and durable buildings that can withstand the rigors of food production. Balancing initial construction costs with long-term life cycle costs is achieved through ongoing collaboration. Our clients gain a trusted advisor who offers solutions to drive their success. These solutions reveal a holistic design approach that covers all facets of capital project development from planning and design through construction.

We add value by listening closely. Only then are we, as an extension of the team, able to develop a comprehensive project design that supports a sound business case. We’ll work closely with you, tailoring the project approach to meet your needs – design-bid-build, design-build or a hybrid project approach. We’ll design and deliver a project that meets scope while keeping budget and schedule on track.


Ammonia refrigeration
Environmental compliance
Food process
Food safety and security
Master planning
Mechanical utilities and HVAC
Process controls
Program management
Sanitary design
Water and wastewater


Greg Marconnet
Greg Marconnet
Food & Beverage Leader
Jamie Horton
Jamie Horton
Food & Beverage Market Lead
Jeff Janis
Jeff Janis
Project Management Lead
Troy Gallagher
Troy Gallagher
Water & Wastewater Market Lead
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