About Mead & Hunt

We take great pride in not only what we do, but how we do it. Serving markets nationwide for well over a century, we’ve demonstrated our technical, design and planning expertise. But what makes us different is that we don’t measure our success in years or projects or revenue. Instead, it’s measured in your satisfaction.

That’s why we keep these commitments each and every day.

  1. We are there from start to finish and beyond. Our expertise in multiple disciplines allows us to see the big picture. That means you’ll not only have industry-leading experts working with you every step of the way, but also dedicated professionals thinking beyond the project itself – keeping your future in mind as we plan, design or build for you.
  1. We are continuously innovating. And that’s not just a sound bite. We walk the talk. We view every project as a unique opportunity for a cost-saving measure, proprietary process or even a new patent idea. However, looking at things with fresh eyes doesn’t mean we’re always starting from scratch. Our innovative, forward-thinking culture is firmly grounded in practical experience and a devotion to our clients’ needs.
  1. We are tenacious about customer service. For us, the most important thing is building relationships that last well beyond a job done right. We offer a diverse breadth of services to meet all your needs. We ask for feedback, then we listen, collaborate and improve. We build trust through integrity and transparency. We make going the extra mile standard practice.