Interchange construction accommodates closure concerns

Significant traffic growth and crumbling infrastructure required the reconstruction of 1.5 miles of the IH 94 and CTH T interchange. Improvements included dual roundabouts, lengthened ramps and reconstruction of an existing structure to increase capacity and improve safety. A Park & Ride facility was also added to help reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

Our team successfully addressed concerns about roadway closure during construction. After getting stakeholder input, we developed a four-stage traffic control plan that limited impacts to the traveling public when possible. We followed the public’s suggestions regarding the best dates for a short 21-day highway closure during the 230-day construction period.

Another challenge regarded acceptance of our dual roundabout design that was selected to improve safety and increase traffic flow. At a special meeting, we showed how agricultural and warehousing vehicles would navigate the roundabouts. The reconstructed entrance and exit ramps are designed to coordinate with the future expansion of IH 94 from four existing to six lanes.


Wisconsin IH 94 and CTH T Interchange Reconstruction


Wisconsin Department of Transportation


St. Croix County, WI