College develops master plan for long-term growth

With growing student enrollment, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College wanted a master plan to set long-range goals and provide for orderly and logical campus growth for the its future needs. Our team performed field investigations, held open forums with staff and students, analyzed classroom utilization, watched enrollment trends and tracked both finances and maintenance to assess the anticipated school growth over the next ten years. Besides tracking cost estimates for various proposed new buildings and related building demolition, we also provided a phasing narrative for future campus development. This comprehensive campus master plan will integrate the academic, fiscal, strategic, facilities, maintenance, enrollment and student life needs of the college.


Southwest Technical College Master Plan


Southwestern Wisconsin Technical College

Expertise Provided

Building Engineering


Fennimore, WI


“We have been pleased with the care and attention we have received from the staff at Mead & Hunt...we have found [them] to be very helpful. The long-range planning process has been an inclusive process that will clearly help Southwest Tech move forward as a college.”
Karen R Knox, PhD
President, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College