Vision Zero effort drives context-sensitive multi-modal design

The District of Columbia’s Vision Zero program is a road safety concept which seeks to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries to zero through engineering, enforcement, and education.

The District Department of Transportation tasked our team with developing and implementing two Vision Zero initiatives: Left Turn Traffic Calming (LTTC) and No Turn on Red (NTOR). Throughout this project, we developed and designed LTTC treatments at 85 locations and NTOR restrictions at 100 locations city-wide. To accomplish this, our team identified treatments that would improve road safety without further constraining traffic operations in the District, all while remaining cost-effective.

This project served to mitigate traffic fatalities and injuries while balancing the competing needs of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Reducing vehicle speeds and increasing safe driving behaviors has paved the way for other road safety projects in the District. In addition, residents have praised the real-world impacts and steps taken to improve multimodal safety.


American Council of Engineering Companies, Metropolitan Washington
American Council of Engineering Companies, Metropolitan Washington
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Rapid Deployment of Vision Zero Engineering Measures


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