Reconstructed roadway addresses multi-modal, stormwater concerns

The 1.3-mile reconstruction of Lacy Road provides a critical link for the city’s transportation network. The two-lane urban roadway carries both local and regional traffic, adding to the design’s complexity. It features buffered bicycle lanes and a parallel shared-use path. A single-lane roundabout helps manage traffic and improve safety.

Because of space concerns, the storm sewer system furnishes the required water treatment within the roadway right-of-way. It consists of underground perforated pipe surrounded by infiltration basins to control the stormwater.

Long-time residents wanted to preserve the roadway’s charming character. Our team worked with the public to address their concerns. The project increases user safety, provides convenient driveway access and maintains appropriate speed levels. Residents also valued the mature oak trees shading Lacy Road. Our design avoided these trees, where possible. Landscaping and decorative LED lighting increase aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. The reconstructed roadway will accommodate the city’s future growth


American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Section
American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Section
Engineering Achievement Award
American Council of Engineering Companies, Wisconsin
American Council of Engineering Companies, Wisconsin
Engineering Excellence State Finalist


Lacy Road Rural Roadway Reconstruction


City of Fitchburg

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Fitchburg, WI


"Your team demonstrated a genuine interest in partnering with the neighborhood to seek creative and sustainable solutions. Lacy Road is now an attractive urban roadway that features bicycle lanes and multi-modal paths to promote our citizens’ health and wellness."
Mike Holmes, Member
Lacy Road Reconstruction Steering Committee