Multi-phase terminal design reflects region’s topography

Instead of a closed-up, dated facility, visitors to the remodeled Eastern Iowa Airport terminal now enter a bright, open space that focuses on providing a passenger-enhanced experience. The high quality, efficient architectural design creates a local context with regional building materials and elements. A line of skylights located above the tickets and baggage claim lobbies provides a connection to the sky and natural light. A terrazzo floor, which reflects changing sky conditions, features an inset pattern of the Cedar River flowing through eastern Iowa.

The terminal’s front façade, anchored by an undulating 453-foot canopy, replicates the region’s rolling hills. The award-winning feature integrates a translucent glazing system. Our architects managed diverse projects with different contractors during multiple design and construction phases. The renovated terminal, now serving one million passengers, facilitates the future expansion of the pre-secure and TSA checkpoint areas.


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Eastern Iowa Airport Terminal Design


Eastern Iowa Airport


Cedar Rapids, IA


Breaking the terminal remodeling work into four projects or phases allows the Cedar Rapids Airport Commission to respond to a major change in the aviation industry. “The commission can stop at the end of any project and still have a very useful building. It’s a fiscally responsible way to go about a major remodel like this.”
Marty Lenss
Airport Director, Eastern Iowa Airport