Jon Faucher to pilot Aviation group

June 13, 2019

jon-faucher300x200We believe in investing in our employees so that we can pass a successful company on to the next generation of leaders. Jon Faucher’s upcoming transition to Aviation Group Leader is testament to the strength of this ideal. Jon will be heading up Mead & Hunt’s Aviation Services group, taking the reins from Ron Engel, who will be transitioning to a new role that will enable him to spend more time with family while continuing to mentor Mead & Hunt staff.

Everyone starts somewhere

Jon started at Mead & Hunt as an intern while still in college. He showed an early aptitude for business development along with promising leadership qualities, and steadily rose through the ranks. He eventually transitioned to a project management role, managing planning, design, and construction projects at large air carrier airports. When Mead & Hunt bought a California Aviation firm, Jon was eager to spearhead the new market. Rather than give the opportunity to someone with more years of experience, the firm decided to allow Jon to grow into the leadership role.

This decision reflects Mead & Hunt’s dedication to fostering leadership skills in the next generation. The decision paid off—Jon was a trailblazer, growing the business from $1 million to $14 million in 16 years.

Staying power pays off

Jon has spent his entire career growing with Mead & Hunt. As the firm expanded, so did Jon’s breadth and depth of experience. The firm has reaped the rewards of investing in its employees: today, Jon is a highly qualified leader, ready to take the Aviation Services group where it needs to go to continue to provide our clients with top-quality solutions. According to Ron, “Jon’s strong entrepreneurial spirit embodies much of what makes Mead & Hunt successful. His dedication to innovative growth opens new opportunities for our employees and allows us to better serve our clients and our communities. I am confident in his ability to successfully lead the group.”

Mead & Hunt’s Aviation Services group has exceeded its goals for several years running. Jon will continue this trajectory as the group deepens and diversifies its expertise. He will strengthen his team through mentoring relationships. Jon remains committed to maintaining the close client relationships that Aviation has fostered over many years; he understands that the relationships we build are what ultimately bring success.

Looking ahead

The future of the Aviation Services group, and the AEC industry in general, looks robust. In Jon’s words, “The continued success of the Aviation group is my top priority as we move forward. To accomplish this, we will build and maintain strong client and teaming relationships and continue to mentor emerging leaders to create an exemplary team capable of providing top-quality Aviation services.”

We look forward to seeing where the group is headed under Jon’s leadership. Though markets and leaders may shift around us, certain things remain the same: the Aviation Services group will continue to provide quality solutions that will serve our clients for generations to come.