City of Milwaukee receives incentives for green project

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coins-and-leaves_BodyAs the public becomes more environmentally conscious, government agencies are beginning to capitalize on the green movement by offering funding for eco-friendly projects. That’s what the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District did in cooperation with the City of Milwaukee Water Works Department to improve the quality of the watershed district. By offering to fund municipal projects in exchange for eco-friendly infrastructure, the public receives environmentally responsible utilities.

Mead & Hunt is providing design services to Milwaukee Water Works for stormwater improvements to their Riverside Pump Station. This project is funded by Green Solutions for Separate Infrastructure & Sewer Separation, the District’s new incentive program. This program supports the MMSD’s Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems permit goals of:

  • Increasing green infrastructure capture by one million gallons during each year of the permit
  • Provide flood management benefits
  • Reducing nonpoint source pollution

To be eligible to receive funding, the project must meet certain goals related to integrated watershed management. Under Mead & Hunt’s guidance, the new design will satisfy the requirements set forth by the incentive. The finished pump station stormwater improvement project will reduce pollutants which drain into the Milwaukee River, promote infiltration and reduce the risk of flooding at the pump station.

The project itself will install permeable asphalt pavement and bioretention areas within strategic locations surrounding the pumping station. A riprap-lined overflow channel will also distribute water into the Milwaukee River.

Mead & Hunt provided technical information and preliminary plans to MWW who in turn provided that information to the MMSD for the funding application. As a condition from the MMSD, Milwaukee has agreed to maintain the project for at least ten years after construction is complete in order to show that the stormwater improvements perform their intended functions.

While this is only one example of incentive-based funding, it is truly a viable option for any county, city, municipality or district to explore when looking to update infrastructure with an environmentally-friendly twist. We will explore the environmental aspects of this project in the future, so visit us soon to learn more to learn more eco-friendly details about the Riverside Pump Station Improvement project.

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