We should all be lifelong learners

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Staff members collaborate to take on world-wide issues through this shark-tank style Innovation Game.

Every year at this time, our office is a hub of booth-packing activity as our HR team prepares to join our technical staff at career fairs across the country. I’ve attended a few myself in recent years, which usually makes me miss college. While I definitely don’t miss everything (mac and cheese dinners, late-night study sessions, no gas money), I do miss the excitement of exploring career possibilities and feeding off the energy of learning something new.

I am married to a teacher/coach and raising a couple of teens, so education is often at the forefront of our discussions. Learning is central to our continued growth. I still feel energized after tossing ideas back and forth at professional events. But daily demands can push learning to the back burner.

At Mead & Hunt, we are currently supporting learning in a number of ways:

  • Our Mead & Hunt Cares scholarship is currently accepting applications for children of our employees.
  • One of our recent Mead & Hunt Cares grant winners is leading local school kids through Terrace Town, an activity designed to teach kids how to plan cities and model buildings.
  • Our next Exploring Leadership class is about to begin, during which participants will commit to learning about leadership traits and practices.
  • Our internal Leadership Academy is in full swing which is a year-long intensive program to further develop our current and future leaders.
  • We have employees going back to school to further their opportunities.
  • Employees are conducting #LearnSomethingNew hangouts all year, teaching a fun skill or hobby to coworkers in a 30-minute session.
  • Our Foresight + Innovation + Technology team is conducting shark-tank style events at our offices to grow inspiration for creative thinking.
  • Assessments and workshops such as communication and coaching styles are being offered to provide personal development opportunities; this information also helps us work together better.

Learning also comes in small bites – reading an article, watching an inspirational video, conducting a brainstorming session – which can sometimes be the easiest way to focus on growth for busy professionals. If you’re reading or watching anything that’s inspired your learning lately, tell us about it!

Kathy Schumann

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Kathy Schumann connects with co-workers by sharing their stories and experiences – helping employees see how they fit into the big picture of Mead & Hunt. “I have the best job. There’s a great sense of purpose helping co-workers be engaged and challenged by their work experience,” she says. When she’s not blogging, Kathy is editing e-newsletters, building the intranet and forming Mead & Hunt running teams.

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