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unlock hydro
Use the form attached to contact your congressman. Tell them to support legislation to Unlockhydro!

Congress is currently considering modernizing the current hydropower regulatory process which is duplicative, long, and requires a timeline inconsistent with our nation’s clean energy needs. Hydropower authorization takes much longer than any other energy option. The need for improvement is critical.

The National Hydropower Association sent a letter in support of hydropower to Speaker Ryan, Minority Leader Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Reid. It was signed by national and regional trade associations, project owners and developers, third party groups such economic development organizations and unions and the Midwest Hydro Users Group.

The NHA regularly engages with Congress, the Department of Energy and other federal agencies to advance proposals for financial incentives and regulatory reforms to encourage development of new hydroelectric projects. However, the NHA cannot attain success without grassroots support from people like you.

As a professional working in the hydropower industry, I understand the true impacts of hydropower and believe many individuals fail to see the net benefits of this clean, renewable and ultra-reliable source of power. To quote from the letter…

“Hydropower provides many benefits to the communities it serves across the country, such as cleaner air, greater public recreational opportunities, community improvements, lower electricity costs, more reliable service, and valued economic activity and employment opportunities. Yet, maintaining and expanding these substantial benefits is at risk as existing hydropower projects undergoing relicensing and new projects under development are stymied and delayed by inefficient, duplicative and lengthy approval processes. Hydropower authorization – whether for existing or new projects – regularly takes many years to complete, much longer than other energy options.”

The need for improvements in hydropower licensing is real and pressing for both existing and new projects. Please write a note, send an email or call your legislator, and feel free to share this letter regarding the importance of hydro and hydro regulatory reform.

Shawn Puzen

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Shawn Puzen is the FERC Compliance and Licensing Manager for Mead & Hunt. With over 25 years in the industry, Shawn has a unique blend of utility industry environmental consultant and independent consultant experience, and is well-respected by regulatory agencies for his ability to fulfill federal, state and local regulatory and resource requirements. He is the former president of the Midwest Hydro Users Group and has been active as a steering committee member, facilitator and panel member at HydroVision International for the past 10 years.

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