Military facilities exist to prepare, equip and house those who serve our nation. Declining facilities compromise soldier welfare, training and the safety of our country. Our planners, architects and engineers understand military installations, operations and standards. We work with military leaders to increase capabilities and readiness.

Our military professionals are keenly aware of funding constraints that can lead to tough choices, and we plan and design infrastructure, roads and airfields, and buildings for high efficiency and longevity within your construction budget. Our architects apply green building design to achieve sustainable goals. Our civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and technology engineers provide you with the right alternatives to gain effective systems for communication and security. We complete your projects so that you can seamlessly carry out your mission and duties.


Airfield engineering
Airfield lighting
Building engineering and design
Communications systems
Environmental consulting
Flood control design
Geographic information systems
Green building design
NEPA documentation
Roads and bridges
Utility privatization


Jeff Sorenson, PE, CFM, DBIA
Jeff Sorenson, PE, CFM, DBIA
Federal Programs Leader
Miro Kurka, PE, PMP
Miro Kurka, PE, PMP
USACE Market Leader
Mac Crawford, COL (USAF-Ret)
Mac Crawford, COL (USAF-Ret)
Air National Guard/Air Force
Rick Burtt, COL, USAR
Rick Burtt, COL, USAR
Army National Guard/Army Reserve
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