Updated storm model helps Saint Paul combat flooding

The city of Saint Paul’s existing XP-SWMM model excluded four of their pumping plants, so the city proactively pursued an update of the existing models to include them. We reviewed and updated the model to include the existing storage-areas, conveyance elements and junctions within the plant vicinity to accurately develop the model for the pumping plants.

We modeled six storm events to test the capacity of the city’s stormwater system. We provided detailed hydraulic model results including inflows, outflows, storage volumes, ponding times and high water elevations. During larger storm events, the city would need to optimize storage and pump capacity, minimize drainage areas at low points and redirect overland street flows. Shortly after updating the models, the city used our results to quickly react to the flood in June 2014, which had the seventh-highest level on record.


St Paul Dynamic Storm Model Update


City of Saint Paul

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Saint Paul, MN