Innovative design, low interest loan doubles treatment capacity

Brevard County’s South Central advanced nutrient removal treatment facility will double its capacity. It provides sewage treatment and septage management for the rapidly growing area. When completed, the existing 6 mgd treatment facility will expand to 12 mgd.

Numerous upgrades will enhance the existing regional plant. Plans include construction of a new laboratory and 12,000-square-foot maintenance and administration building. This state-of-the-art facility will provide septage management, advanced nutrient removal and reclaimed water distribution upgrades. Effluent not reused will discharge to a treatment wetland and bird sanctuary.

The project team’s cost-effective solution called for implementation of a Moving Bed Bioreactor treatment process. The compact design requires less space than a traditional five-state oxidation ditch. A low interest loan from the State Revolving Fund resulted in a significant reduction in debt service. The combination of reduced capital construction costs and extremely low interest rates doubled the project’s originally planned expansion capacity.


South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion


Brevard County

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