Historical Red River report exceeds mitigation requirements

Prior to removal of the SH-79 Bridge over the Red River, federal and state agencies required mitigation efforts for impacts to a historic resource. ODOT, our cultural resources team and other partners produced an award-winning report. “Bridging the Mighty Red: Red River Crossings Between Oklahoma and Texas” provides an engaging historical overview of transportation development and river crossings through time. It includes photos, graphics, maps and river-related stories.

The report fulfils requirements for federal reviewing parties, DOTs and state historic preservation offices.  Libraries, area historical societies and interested citizens also seek copies because of its comprehensive documentation.

“Bridging the Mighty Red” is a creative mitigation product that can apply to other bridge projects along the Red River, potentially reducing mitigation requirements for future projects. ODOT also is using the report as a public outreach tool.


Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma Historical Society
Citation of Merit Award