Ecological observation projects require preconstruction surveys

The National Ecological Observatory Network has more than 80 sites within 20 eco-climatic domains nationwide and in Puerto Rico. Continental-scale observations are examining ecological change over time. Our team completed preconstruction vegetation and cultural surveys. We also performed wetland delineations for tower construction at aquatic sites.

The surveys provided extensive data collection. We identified, classified, quantified and assessed the dominant flora at multiple sites. Our team conducted research throughout the U.S. for this ongoing project.

The process begins with data collection both online and with reference book research. We reviewed each site’s ecosystem plus the geology, soils and natural community types. Vegetation defines a natural community, so it’s important to know which dominant plants are likely to be found. Historic and recent climate data are also significant. Once onsite, we performed data collection along 100-meter transects using NEON’s specific protocol. We also follow state agency protocols.


Nationwide Vegetation and Cultural Surveys


National Ecological Observatory Network

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