Pattern book guides development of town’s new downtown

The Neighborhood Center District Development efforts are paving the way for creation of a new “Town Center.” Planners worked with local decision makers to obtain Tax Increment Financing to implement the district plan. Our team also created design guidelines and an attractive pattern book filled with graphics to communicate goals. This easy-to-understand document clearly shows the design intent for this town.

The Master Plan envisions a pedestrian-oriented, mixed use center. The NCD includes the busiest intersection in town. It serves as a bridge between urban and rural areas. Our purposeful planning led a transparent process to implement the town’s vision.

Since the adoption of the pattern book and TIF, the town has received continuous inquiries regarding the proposed redevelopment of the NCD area. The new planning tools greatly improved staff’s ability to communicate the intent of the district to developers and the public — something often difficult for small communities.


American Planning Association Wisconsin Chapter
American Planning Association Wisconsin Chapter
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Ledgeview Neighborhood District Development Planning


Town of Ledgeview

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Ledgeview, WI


“I’m confident that the work they’ve done will speed up development in this area and result in developments that more closely match the needs and desires of the town and its residents.”
Ryan Van Straten, Owner
Alliance Management
“I feel that the town’s investment and strategy will support my business long-term by increasing the residential density in this area, adding customers within walking distance of my front door.”
Lora Matzke
Graystone Ale House