Jail’s integrated security system improves efficiencies

Ada County turned to Mead & Hunt for replacement of its failing security system at the state’s largest jail. Existing systems weren’t integrated, and older technology impaired the county’s ability to manage door control and monitoring. Insufficient camera coverage in key areas of the facility increased liability for unrecorded video when incidents occurred.

We provided project management and detention-grade security electronic design to upgrade and replace the existing system. Specifications were comprised of standard off-the-shelf electronics to allow the county flexibility in future maintenance, service and expansion.

The fully integrated security system increases the jail’s security and efficiency. A new main security electronics equipment room houses sensitive digital equipment. The upgraded security electronic technology minimizes operational costs at the 1,217-bed correctional facility. It also allows for comprehensive incident recording, remote door control and digital voice communication. Improved video surveillance provides 90-day storage. High-quality images allowed the staff to prevent an inmate from committing suicide, saving a life and a potential lawsuit.


Jail Electronic Security System Upgrade and Replacement


Ada County

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Boise, ID


“We appreciated Mead & Hunt’s fully engineered set of documents for Ada County’s jail security system upgrade and replacement that detailed the project’s specifications. As the manufacturer and contractor, we knew exactly what we were supposed to provide. As a result, the client received a high-quality project that exceeded their expectations.”
Steve Baker, Sales Engineer
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc.