Pedestrian bridge restoration preserves historic qualities

Rehabilitation of the Glendale Bridge, originally built in 1928, preserves history and meets modern safety standards. Our team designed the renovation of the historic 292-foot-long, three-span steel truss over Lawson’s Fork Creek for pedestrian use and community events.

Our load-rating analysis determined the original trusses could be preserved by strengthening them and reusing much of the existing structure. Our design replaced the deteriorating asphalt decking with attractive timber, restoring a beautiful historic feature of the bridge. The landmark structure, now painted “rust red,” replicates the look of the bridges of the same era.

Another key design feature called for reestablishing the distinctive overhanging sidewalk. We combined modern steel cable railing with the tubular railing look of the original bridge. The walkway provides a safe barrier while maximizing the views of the beautiful rocky shoals below. Energy-efficient LED light fixtures and power outlets enhance its use as a public gathering place.


Historic Restoration of Glendale Iron Pedestrian Bridge


South Carolina Department of Transportation and Spartanburg County

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Glendale, SC