Bridges are essential for our national roadways. They allow vehicles and pedestrians to cross water bodies and navigate complex transportation corridors. As you plan, build, and maintain the bridges under your care, we are ready to help you plan and design for safety, aesthetics and recreational value. We understand the local, state and federal guidelines and standards that must be met to achieve success. We will help you poll the public and incorporate their preferences where feasible. All of this is done within your budget and according to schedule.


Bridge design
Construction administration
Historic bridge inventories
Historic bridge rehabilitation
NEPA documentation
Safety studies
Structural analysis
Structural design
Traffic engineering


K.V. (Bala) Balasubramanyam, PhD, PE
K.V. (Bala) Balasubramanyam, PhD, PE
Bridges Eastern
John Rathke, PE, SE
John Rathke, PE, SE
Bridges Western
Amy Squitieri
Amy Squitieri
Historic Bridges
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