Stormwater retrofit project enhances water quality

We collaborated with many partners to transform a flood risk reduction project at the historic pump station to provide more holistic benefits. On-site green infrastructure improvements control stormwater runoff and minimize the potential for flooding. Through implementation of Low Impact Development best management practices, the retrofit project also achieved many other environmental benefits. Features included service road reconstruction with permeable asphalt pavement to improve drainage. New bioretention swales and a riprap-lined overflow channel directing runoff to the Milwaukee River enhance water quality.

MMSD’s Green Solutions Grant funding allowed for incorporation of bioretention swales which disconnected the on-site storm sewers from the city’s combined sewer system. This move reduced the amount of stormwater entering the system by nearly 187,000 gallons in a 10-year frequency storm event. With the additional funding, further enhancement to the city and watershed included a foot trail and native plantings. The retrofit project is reducing pollutants to the Milwaukee River, improving the environment for wildlife and providing cleaner water for the region.


American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Section
American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Section
Engineering Achievement Award