GSA Schedules Program

schedule_contract_number_gs-00f-230dalMead & Hunt holds a current contract for GSA Schedule 871 7899 1, 899 3 and 899 7 contract number GS-00F-230DA. Under this contract we provide construction management, engineering consulting, project management and planning services (more information about available services).

The GSA Schedules Program is the catalyst for billions of dollars in federal spending, helping meet procurement needs for eligible users, including all branches of federal government through applicable programs. These contracts help customers procure a vast array of supplies and services directly from quality commercial suppliers.

Who can order through GSA Schedules?

  • All federal agencies
  • Certain authorized government contractors
  • The government of the District of Columbia
  • Other activities and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply

Here is a complete list of authorized GSA users.

How to order from GSA Schedules

Supplies and services available on Schedules can be accessed from GSA Advantage!® This is an electronic online shopping and ordering system linking customers to thousands of contractors and millions of supplies and services. At GSA Advantage!®, enter Mead & Hunt’s contract number GS-00F-230DA in the “Search Box” for a copy of our catalog.

To use the GSA Advantage!® e-Buy online procurement tool:

  1. Find a category and then select vendors, such as Mead & Hunt, to personally notify. All vendors are notified if a RFQ/RFP is placed under a GWAC category. The vendors listed under the category you selected can review or quote on your request.
  2. Then, enter your requirements and specify the amount of time the RFQ should remain open. Contractors will receive email about your requirements and submit quotes to you.