Temporary closure system analysis leads to wise choices

When the Tulsa District needed to replace their temporary closure systems at two projects, Broken Bow and Hugo Dams, they wanted the new systems to be durable, cost-effective and easy to operate. Our energy and water resources engineers analyzed the existing structures and evaluated current systems available to find one that would work well for both projects. District staff interviews, historic data record review, industry research and “over the shoulder” visits provided the basis of information used in the analysis.

The analysis consisted of five separate options at each project. The options came complete with conceptual-level design, cost estimates and life-cycle cost analysis. Our design team completed the study in three months, and presented the district with options for effective closure, operations, safety and cost savings. Our work with the Tulsa District enabled them to choose and contract for the most effective system in an expeditious manner.


Broken Bow and Hugo Dams Temporary Closure Analysis


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District

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Broken Bow and Hugo Lakes, OK