2018 was a year of growth and promotions

Mead & Hunt’s pursuit of growth is really driven by one single motivation: to provide career opportunities for our employees.

Sure, expansion of services into new markets and locations also helps us more effectively serve clients. But we couldn’t serve anyone without our talented team. Keeping this team engaged and excited about the work they do is important to overall success.

In the past few years, our progress has created new technical services for clients. We have been able to expand and build our existing services and markets. Expansion creates challenges and opportunities for every employee to develop his or her career in the technical field or a new location. Our goal is to provide career advancement opportunities for all employees who want to build a career here.

This past year, more than 100 new employees joined our team. In some cases, these folks filled new positions. But very often we have opportunities for internal candidates to move into new positions if they are qualified and interested. In 2018, more than 30 employees were promoted to manager and technical lead positions. We couldn’t have done this without growth. These promotions were in many of our markets and offices, and were comprised of employees with varying years of experience. It’s truly great to see that many employees promoted in one year!

The real exciting thing about all of these new positions? About a year ago, we couldn’t predict the timing of these roles being created. But due to growth, new offices and client needs, we remained flexible and created positions to stay ahead of this progress. If anything is certain in the design consulting world, it’s the reality of change. At Mead & Hunt, we take advantage of change and stay ahead of it.

We strongly believe in building our employees’ careers and removing impediments to their career success. I believe that if you have the desire to grow and take on new challenges, we have a career path for you.

Andy Platz, PE

About the Author

Andy Platz, P.E., began his career as a project engineer and has worn numerous hats on his path to be the CEO and President of Mead & Hunt. He takes pride in this nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm, working on career opportunities for employees and business development with clients and partnering firms.

He likes to show potential clients what makes us the number one choice. “We’re always finding ways to grow and provide better service,” he says. Andy develops strong relationships with clients and enjoys solving their strategic challenges.

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