West Virginia Construction and Design Expo Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

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The West Virginia Construction and Design Expo is celebrating 40 years this week in the newly remodeled Charleston Civic Center. As the region’s largest trade show for the construction and design industries, transportation professionals come together from across the state and throughout the Northeast region to learn, share and have fun. With sessions ranging from Electric Vehicle Developments to Innovative DOT Retaining Walls, this two-day conference provides learning opportunities for everyone.

The Expo is also a great chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Mead & Hunt is accelerating the fun with Mario Kart at booth #232. The competition has been steep as attendees compete in a circuit-style race with their favorite Nintendo characters. We’ve had a wonderful time meeting with various agencies, consultant engineers and contractors throughout the Region, and hope you’ll stop by to join us.

If you’re at the conference, race over to the Mead & Hunt booth to pick up some swag and learn more about Mead & Hunt’s capabilities and expertise in the transportation industry.

Jamie Bumgarner, PE

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Jamie Bumgarner, PE, is a Vice President and Business Unit Leader for Mead & Hunt’s Northeast Transportation operations. He provides executive oversight for transportation projects throughout the northeast, including approving contracts, disseminating information from management to staff, collecting accounts receivable,  scheduling and budget reviews, and quality assurance and control. Jamie’s 20 years of experience includes managing bridge and roadway design, site development, survey, cell tower development and civil engineering projects.

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