Times of transition are great for reflection

It hardly seems possible, but 24 years ago I stepped into the role of CEO at Mead & Hunt. I was excited to work with my fellow company leaders to develop a vision for the company and growth opportunities for employees.It was a much different time; in 24 years, we’ve gone from 110 employees to nearly 700 employees. From presence in one state to nearly 20 states. From a handful of employee-owners to nearly 200 of them. At times, the rapid growth was accomplished by being nimble and taking advantage of the opportunities because they made sense to us.

But one thing that never changed? Our focus on people and doing the right thing. This is our north star. How does our work affect communities? How can we build client relationships? How can we help our employees do good work, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy their jobs? This focus has allowed a strong and healthy culture to bloom at Mead & Hunt.

I am in the process of another transition, moving out of the CEO role. I am passing the baton, so to speak, to Andy Platz, a 33-year veteran of Mead & Hunt who most recently served as president of our firm. While change can often feel daunting, I have no doubt that our focus on people, on a culture of growth and opportunity, and a commitment to solving clients’ problems, will not change at all. The firm will continue a tradition of progress to better serve clients and create opportunities for employees.

Andy is passionate about employee and client success. He will champion innovation, excellence, and empowering employees to become the best at what they do.

Join me in congratulating Andy in his new role. Exciting times are ahead! As for me, I will be involved in various duties for our exceptional company as I work towards retirement in a few years. Thank you to our clients, employees, partners for being part of the Mead & Hunt family.

Rajan Sheth, PE, SE

About the Author

For more than 20 years, Raj Sheth served as CEO and Chairman of the Board for one of the nation’s leading architecture, planning, engineering, and program and construction management organizations. He takes pride in the fact that both he and his firm have been involved in a wide array of challenging projects.

Raj’s time at the helm has led to unprecedented company growth. With this growth, Raj has been instrumental in fostering a corporate culture in which every employee is encouraged to have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Raj continues to serve in his role of Chairman of the Board.

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