Balchon to grow water-wastewater practice in Southeast

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(l-r) Ed Balchon and Brad Blais
(l-r) Ed Balchon and Brad Blais

I’m super excited to announce Mead & Hunt has made a strategic hire in the water-wastewater market. Ed Balchon is joining the team out of our Tampa office.

A real mover and shaker, Ed is well known throughout the Southeast and most notably in Florida in the water-wastewater industry. He’s an extremely talented client manager and team builder, earning this reputation by successfully building water practices at two other large engineering firms. Ed’s practical approach to engineering and project management addresses the needs of the client while staying within their budget.

It seems like just yesterday when I joined the Mead & Hunt team, establishing the first Florida office in Port Orange. Now less than a year later, Mead & Hunt also has offices in Tampa and Tallahassee. And, we’re anticipating continued fast-paced growth, especially in the water-wastewater market as clients learn what’s different about how Mead & Hunt does business.

There are a lot of firms that say they are local, when in reality they have a couple ‘fresh out of college’ Florida engineers and relocated senior staff from northern states. Mead & Hunt truly has local, experienced project managers (each with more than 20 years under their belts) with hands-on design and construction management in Florida water-wastewater projects. With significant depth of personnel who have ‘been there, done that’, clients are learning that it’s not a sales pitch. We’re current with new technologies and can efficiently guide projects past potential pitfalls. It’s just how we work. We take pride in accurate designs, practical schedules and up-to-date budget estimates on our projects.

It’s this attitude that piqued Ed’s interest to join Mead & Hunt. He’s going to lead our water-wastewater business development, partnering relationships and growth strategies. Ed knows everyone in the business, and understands how to lead in-house and partnering firm experts to deliver. There are few engineers as adept as Ed at communicating well with every tier in a client/owner’s workforce while simultaneously directing the efforts of a project design team. He knows how to bring together all levels of technical talent to implement projects safely and quickly.

The infrastructure needs in Florida are growing rapidly and so must our services here. It will be quite the challenge for Ed. Water and wastewater engineering is by definition ‘fluid’, constantly changing and evolving. Our team pushes the boundaries of technology to make water cleaner, manage supplies better and improve how the resources are used.

We hire creative people who are passionate about their profession and seek a work environment where they have freedom to pursue this passion. Mead & Hunt is that kind of a place. Success breeds success, and our firm’s reputation for building innovative projects that exceed clients’ expectations will help us reach further and accomplish more.

Brad Blais, PE

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Brad Blais, P.E., is an expert in water and wastewater treatment. Prior to joining Mead & Hunt he was president of a Florida-based firm, where he designed treatment facilities and published articles on advanced wastewater treatment processes. Brad is a Florida-native who enjoys all water-related and sporting activities.

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