New Tallahassee transportation office to serve rapidly growing market

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The Tallahassee transportation team (l-r) Matt Johnson, Michael Schwier, Jennifer Mullins, Fadi Alsharif and Matt Trimble
The Tallahassee transportation team (l-r) Matt Johnson, Michael Schwier, Jennifer Mullins, Fadi Alsharif and Matt Trimble

Mead & Hunt opened its second Florida office in Tallahassee with a full design team joining our Transportation group. This talented group will lead the highway and bridge projects throughout the state of Florida.

Tallahassee expands Mead & Hunt’s scope for infrastructure services

Florida is an exciting place to work and play with unparalleled population growth. Florida’s population is projected to be nearly 26 million by 2030. This large and ongoing growth puts significant strain on existing infrastructure and increases the need for new and expanding roadways. The Florida Department of Transportation has a robust Work Program and partnering attitude with its consultant engineering firms. Mead & Hunt’s “take care of people” approach is well matched to support FDOT on their infrastructure projects, both design and design-build. Mead & Hunt is ready to deliver, drawing on our rich history in bridge and highway design. Our exemplary staff are well-respected in other parts of the nation, and we’re looking forward to becoming a trusted partner in Florida.

Our Port Orange office, just outside Daytona, already has a strong public agency client base throughout central Florida. Municipal sector services include wastewater treatment and reclaimed water technology, public facility and utility design, transportation design, and construction inspection. This team is known for the outstanding quality of their work and their highly-personalized client services. Our goal is to expand Mead & Hunt’s client-centric model throughout Florida.

The new Tallahassee office allows us to better serve this ever-increasing market and diversify our infrastructure portfolio in the area. The central location offers a prime position to serve north Florida’s transportation needs, from Jacksonville to Pensacola. This new office reflects our business model of expansion to address client needs. We grow with and for the clients we serve, providing exemplary services where they are most needed.

Within this context, it just makes sense for us to continue developing our Florida presence. In the coming year, we plan to address the planning, design and construction needs in this area with additional Florida office locations and diversified service offerings.

Experienced Florida highway and bridge engineering team ready to hit the ground running

We place tremendous value on our new staff’s strong relationships with valued clients and teaming partners in the Florida market, as well as their history of giving back to their own communities. Our five new Tallahassee hires bring with them a wealth of experience in roadway widening, resurfacing and bridge projects across Florida.

Leading the charge will be Michael Schwier, P.E., a talented engineer with the vision and connections necessary to successfully move Mead & Hunt into the Florida transportation market. Mead & Hunt’s ability to draw upon company talent from across the nation and our long history of successful and innovative transportation work will be an asset to new Florida clients. Michael has the energy and enthusiasm to spearhead our Florida transportation team and help clients address critical transportation issues.

I could not be more excited to work with Michael and the other talented individuals joining him on this venture. All have extensive experience working within the Florida transportation market, as well as great working relationships with the FDOT’s staff. Joining Michael are a very experienced, well-respected team, bringing with them fresh ideas and solid relationships (be sure to read their LinkedIn profiles):

The new team contributes extensive knowledge of Florida clients’ needs, criteria and expectations. They have supported many state agencies, including Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Projects completed on behalf of FDEP include multiuse trails, pedestrian bridges, campgrounds and building renovations. It is just one of the many client relationships our new team bring with them to Mead & Hunt.

One of the key factors in Mead & Hunt’s success is the relationship we have with our clients, our teaming partners and our communities. We advocate for what our clients want and need. Our new team in Florida shares this philosophy of connecting and establishing long-term relationships through transparency and accountability. The Tallahassee team are a perfect fit within our corporate culture. To quote Michael, “We are all ready to work together to make this expansion a success for our clients. Our hope is that the success of this expansion will lead to similar expansions in the near future, and we are excited to see where this new venture will take us.”

I like how Michael thinks. Let’s hope this is just one of several new Florida offices and new staff joining Mead & Hunt in the coming year. We understand the needs unique to southern infrastructure and we’re ready to jump in with both feet to help this rapidly growing part of the country.

Rick Plymale, PE, PLS

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Rick Plymale, P.E., PLS, oversees the operations of our southeastern offices performing transportation services. Rick is a problem-solver and a planner. He stays in front of challenges by taking care of important things first. He enjoys getting things done and checking them off the list. Before taking action, though, Rick thinks about the impact on others and the future. “We like to have fun,” he says, “But we don’t like surprises.” Our clients appreciate that and enjoy working with us.

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  1. I don’t know bridges, but I know Michael Schweir. He is a talented man. A man of integrity, hard working and honorable. If I had a road or a bridge to build, I would hire this group.

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