Marshmallows: Complex tasks in broken into manageable parts

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20150226_151953For Engineer’s Week, Mead & Hunt’s Sacramento office celebrated by taking a brief afternoon break to participate in some fun. Sitting in front of Sean McNeil on the conference table were several skewers, two sizes of marshmallows, rubber bands and a plastic spoon. The objective for Sean, and the other engineers sitting around him, was to construct a catapult that would successfully launch a marshmallow the furthest. We’ve learned he enjoys a little competition.

Sean had lots of experience with marshmallows. This knowledge helped him jump right in, taking into account the trajectory of the marshmallow that the lever arm would deliver and the stability of the supporting frame. He understood the expectations to succeed were high.

Helping his clients be successful, is part of Sean’s “need to win” to as well. He looks at his client’s projects from their perspective, weighing in budget, mission needs, environmental effects, potential risks and proposing the best solution to balance all aspects. Sean loves to take complex tasks and break them down into small manageable parts (such as sticks and marshmallows) and lead the project team to execute the work. Sean’s strong work ethic, technical knowledge and attention to deliverable timelines has earned him the respect of his clients as a preferred consultant.

Sean is the latest talented professional to join our Water Resources Group. Just as in the marshmallow catapult activity, he has jumped right in and already provided value to our clients.

And for the record, the marshmallows were successfully hurled across the room!

Nathan Rockwood, PE, SE

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Nathan Rockwood, P.E., S.E., leads our Sacramento office, managing workload resources and bolstering relationships internally and externally. He provides structural design for water resources projects including dams, pump stations, water control structures, intakes, outlet structures and control buildings.

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