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gas-station-roadside-attraction-300x173pxIf you know of an endangered gas station, cabin court, diner or other roadside attraction consider nominating in to Society for Commercial Archeology’s Falling by the Wayside program for recognition.

The SCA is seeking nominations for its 2016 list of endangered roadside resources. As their website states: “Unfortunately, an increasing number of roadside attractions are endangered due to a variety of factors including new development, a lack of funds for maintenance or restoration, or a lack of knowledge and appreciation of the roadside landmark that is in our backyard.”

The SCA is a national group that recognizes the historical significance of the 20th-century commercial built environment and cultural landscapes of North America as seen in our roadside resources. The nomination form is available on the SCA website.

But hurry nominations for this year’s list are due by January 4, 2016.

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Christina Slattery specializes in historic preservation of transportation and engineering structures. She evaluates the significance of properties ranging from missile defense systems to road corridors, and develops creative mitigation strategies for projects.

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  1. There are two old gas stations in my home town of Westfield. One on the north end of town on old hwy 51, and one on the south end of town about 4 blocks south of downtown on old hwy 51. These may already be listed, but are worth checking out.

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