Mead & Hunt attends Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials conference

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It’s that time of year again! The Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials annual conference is in full swing and transportation officials throughout the Southeast have gathered together in historic New Orleans.

This year the 2014 SASHTO Conference is hosted by the Louisiana Department of Transportation. Facilitating the exchange of information and best practices between its 13 member states, the conference hopes to achieve balance in our transportation systems and promote a collaborative environment to discuss industry issues. Attendees have the opportunity to collaborate with other industry professionals, meet companies dedicated to transportation excellence, exchange ideas and explore the trade show floor. They may also attend presentations and discussions on topics such as confronting climate change, advancing tolling operations and navigating funding options.

SASHTO aligns its mission with the U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal roadway leaders to ensure that roads in the Southeast meet national standards. Members are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways of maintaining existing roadways while also looking to the future for sustainability.

Because this year’s conference is located in beautiful New Orleans, SASHTO is providing guests with guided tours of the city to give visitors a small taste of the Creole landscape.

Mead & Hunt looks forward to experiencing SASHTO in New Orleans. As a leader in the transportation industry, we are excited to contribute our ideas to our peers while also learning new techniques that will help us better serve our clients and the community.

Rick Plymale, PE, PLS

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Rick Plymale, P.E., PLS, oversees the operations of our southeastern offices performing transportation services. Rick is a problem-solver and a planner. He stays in front of challenges by taking care of important things first. He enjoys getting things done and checking them off the list. Before taking action, though, Rick thinks about the impact on others and the future. “We like to have fun,” he says, “But we don’t like surprises.” Our clients appreciate that and enjoy working with us.

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