Transportation officials convene for SASHTO 2017

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Mead & Hunt is excited to be in Norfolk, Virginia, for the 2017 Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials conference. Hosted by the Virginia Department of Transportation, the conference will draw thousands of transportation engineers and officials from the Southeast for education and networking.

SASHTO is comprised of 13 member states, who meet regularly to discuss ideas and programs within the transportation industry, including aviation, highway, rail, transit and water modes of travel. Members collaborate with all levels of government and work to improve transportation systems not only within the Southeast, but also at the federal level.

Supporting legislation that invests in transportation systems and improves transportation programs is crucial. Improving roadways for travelers of all walks of life is our mission, and we take every opportunity to advance the industry to make this mission a reality.

While attending the conference, visitors will have opportunities to discuss infrastructure investment and reform, innovations in project delivery, traffic management plans and solutions for aging infrastructure.

Mead & Hunt is excited to reunite once again with our fellow transportation professionals and SASHTO members in Norfolk. Besides taking in the beautiful views of the Norfolk port area, this will be a great chance to learn new techniques that we can use to aid our clients and their communities.

Rick Plymale, PE, PLS

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Rick Plymale, P.E., PLS, oversees the operations of our southeastern offices performing transportation services. Rick is a problem-solver and a planner. He stays in front of challenges by taking care of important things first. He enjoys getting things done and checking them off the list. Before taking action, though, Rick thinks about the impact on others and the future. “We like to have fun,” he says, “But we don’t like surprises.” Our clients appreciate that and enjoy working with us.

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