Sustainable transportation budgets vital

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Many DOTs are creating and revamping their state budgets as 2014 comes to a close. Sustainable transportation budgets are vital to support growth and improvements to our infrastructure.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation recently proposed a new 2015-2017 state budget with provisions for long-term sustainable funding of our transportation system. These long-term funding initiatives will enable needed, common-sense investments that will improve safety and provide more efficient travel for residents and businesses.

Contrary to disinvestment in our infrastructure, investment drives our economy and fuels the growth and efficiency needed to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Many new jobs are created from investments in transportation. New jobs stem from engineering and construction directly related to projects supported by the investment to spin-off jobs such as manufacturing to produce the equipment and materials needed for these projects. Every $1 billion invested in US transportation infrastructure improvements support 27,823 American jobs throughout the economy. 3.5 million American jobs, both directly and indirectly, are sustained by investments in the US transportation system.

Transportation improvements in Wisconsin and other states are continuously needed to provide reliable transportation and maintain a flexible national freight system. The department’s budget proposal is an excellent starting point in securing the type of sound transportation system that Wisconsin needs and deserves.

As our economy continues to grow, transportation improvements are urgently needed to keep pace with demand and provide efficient and safe infrastructure. State budgets provide the blueprints we need to meet the significant demands we face across all modes of transportation. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with your state’s transportation budget today.

John Rathke, PE, SE

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