Protecting migratory birds within highway improvement area

The Colorado Department of Transportation needed to make highway safety improvements, and it was our job to help them make sure there was no violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Under the Act construction activities must not disturb or harm protected bird species.

Our environmental experts completed field surveys to protect MBTA nesting bird species along State Highway 133, in advance of a rockfall mitigation blasting session near Paonia Reservoir. We identified protected bird species and monitored their nesting activity in the project area.

No active nests were identified, but we observed several migratory bird species frequenting the rock cliffs and adjacent ridge, in high numbers. This suggests that these birds might nest, perch and loaf within or adjacent to the project area. Continued monitoring occurred prior to and after blasting. Protecting MTBA species along with other habitats during these types of activities preserves these species for future generations.


Wildlife Survey of Paonia Reservoir for State Highway 133


Colorado Department of Transportation

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Sommerset, CO