Assessing vital flood control equipment

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers implemented a more rigorous inspection process for local levee systems according to updated federal standards to provide adequate regional flood protection. Electrical and mechanical engineers from our joint ventureĀ  team performed field inspections for pump stations and closure structures along the American and Sacramento River levee systems in the USACE Sacramento District.

We reviewed existing information and inspected pumping plants to observe and assess facility conditions. We also inspected closure structures to observe the condition of the gate closure equipment. Our engineering evaluations verified compliance with current USACE design standards. We also reviewed the inspection reports for all the flood control facilities. For the final task, we compiled inspection reports documenting the condition of the facilities. The final condition reports allowed USACE to develop ratings of the flood control facilities. These ratings determine eligibility and help prioritize projects for improvements or reconstruction.


USACE South Pacific Division Levee Inspection


Genterra, Hultgren-Tillis, and Taber, LLC Joint Venture

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Sacramento, CA