Fast track safety improvements prevent confusion

The Dane County Regional Airport knew it was imperative to improve safety on Taxiways B4 and B5, where the Federal Aviation Administration had designated a hot spot due to possible aircraft incursions and wrong runway departures. Our aviation and civil engineers designed new airfield geometrics altered complex geometry and addressed this concern. Our team also planned construction phases to maximize scheduled primary runway closures.

Construction for Taxiway B5 took just under three weeks concurrent with the 14-day runway closure while the Wisconsin Air National Guard was deployed. During this same period, the concrete joints on primary Runway 18/36 were resealed.  The next phase completed the removal and relocation of Taxiway B4 in just under seven weeks. Due to a great working relationship with the client, the contractor, stakeholders and agencies, the airport users now benefit from enhanced safety during arrivals and departures.


Dane County Regional Airport Safety Improvements


Dane County Regional Airport

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