Insightful master plan leads to modern terminal building

The Central Wisconsin Airport wanted terminal users to enjoy more space, a brighter interior and modern conveniences, and use as much of the existing terminal as possible. Our aviation architects and building engineers assisted the airport in developing its master plan, then implementing it through program management over the course of 10 years.

In managing the program, our team carefully planned project phases to match available funding. Because amounts changed annually, the team annually revisited the coming projects to adjust where necessary. Often, this required shifting the construction priority to gain FAA approval, knowing that the FAA only approves completed projects. On occasion, projects demanded close work with regulatory inspectors to gain dispensation for finishing systems under construction to meet occupancy requirements. Through this approach, the final designs reflected the architectural vision and engineering requirements necessary to successfully complete nine separate construction packages in seven years.


Central Wisconsin Airport Program Management


Central Wisconsin Airport


Mosinee, WI