Cellular equipment complies with historic viewshed

The Hagerstown smokestack was part of a service expansion project. The highly visible smokestack, with several historic peaks and spires, make this part of a designated historic viewshed. Anything that might change the viewshed is reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Office. Our telecommunications specialists applied experience with the permitting process to demonstrate there were no impacts to the viewshed, as the cellular equipment was shorter than the smokestack.

Historic review is part of the environmental permit for every tower. When there are impacts, additional permits are needed. Permitting with the SHPO usually takes three months. In all, cellular equipment was added at 34 sites including this power tower. With the large number of sites, our team understood that we needed to move quickly to stay on schedule. We accelerated the process and delivered well within expectations.


Chambersburg Cellular Equipment Impact


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