Cornerstone community dock receives upgrades

The city dock in Akutan, which is vital to commerce, transportation and recreation, was deteriorating and needed improvements. We worked with city staff and their team to design routine repairs, raise the dock fender system and add a new mooring dolphin.

The remote city of Akutan can only receive goods and supplies by water. Tucked away in the Aleutian Islands, Akutan is home to the largest fish processing plant in North America. Barges and ships deliver cargo and fuel, while people depend on the ferry for transport. All this occurs across the city dock, built in 1990. Our ports and harbors pros surveyed the dock condition to discover a fender system that was too low and the need for a mooring dolphin. The dock fender system and mooring dolphin will better secure the barges and ferry while berthing.


Akutan Harbor Dock Repairs


City of Akutan

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Akutan, AK