Andy Knauf

Chief Information Officer

Securely connecting Mead & Hunt professionals with each other and our clients is Andy Knauf’s primary concern. As head of the Information Technology Department, Andy stays on top of the latest information sharing, asset management, design and communication technologies. By moving all data storage to the Cloud, Andy is driving innovation, efficiency and time and cost savings as well as enhancing our capabilities to provide exceptional service to clients.

Andy says, “The accessibility of the information and the ease of retrieval expedites project communication and status updates. Project team members and clients across the nation can meet and view files with the click of a mouse.”

Andy has used his expertise learned from his experience with the cloud to provide thought leadership to other IT professionals through his presentations at national conferences and industry publications. Andy shares his experience overseeing our data migration to the Cloud, use of local Panzura controllers, and web-based communication and information sharing software programs.

“We live in an exciting time, where technology continues developing ways for us to get more done faster. Part of the challenge is securing the information, but the steps we have taken and will continue to do have satisfied and impressed both our employees and our clients,” he says.