Professional Development

Professional developmentAlways keep learning

We all have a “next step,” a place we aspire to that means new responsibilities and opportunities. Here, we help you take those steps. One example is our leadership development program. Participants are challenged in a modular training exercise over several months that creates real outcomes for personal and company development.

This program, and similar internal events, are managed through MHU (Mead & Hunt University). Opportunities exist at every level, whether it is the Administrative Professionals Conference, TechExpo or the Project Management Conference. Often a peer shares expertise in a seminar; we also bring in dynamic speakers and consultants to teach sessions.

In addition, industry conferences and seminars, licensing exams, and professional memberships are all part of doing business in the design consulting industry. We provide a smooth and simple way to participate in these important activities.

You decide how far you want to go on the Mead & Hunt team; we’ll provide the support to help you along.