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Preserving Historic RoadI’ve got great news! I’m presenting at the 20th Anniversary Preserving the Historic Road Conference along with my coworker, a talented historic preservationist, Tim Smith. It is an honor, and exciting, to stand before my peers to share a few of our recent cultural resource projects and experiences.

This year the conference will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado, on September 13-16. Preserving the Historic Road is an international conference with attendees from more than 30 states, Asia, Australia and Europe. Attendees are dedicated to the identification, preservation and management of historic roads.

The 2018 conference will include robust discussions and debates on the future of historic roads in the United States and around the globe. The educational sessions – like mine and Tim’s – will showcase how the preservation of historic roads can contribute to the economic, transportation, recreational and cultural needs of our communities.

Where to find Mead & Hunt

Both Tim and I will be participating in discussions, networking and programs. We hope you’ll join us for lunch and attend the programs we are presenting.

Join us for lunch with a view at Block One
Join us for lunch with a view at Block One

Friday, September 14 12:00PM Luncheon at Block One event center sponsored by Mead & Hunt
Join us for a great mid-day meal at this striking new venue along the Cache la Poudre River. It is a pleasant short stroll from the Elizabeth Hotel. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and Colorado skies from their outdoor patio.

Friday, September 14 4:00PM
Scenic Infrastructure: Glenwood Canyon, Vail Pass, and Eisenhower Tunnel
Roads, scenery and landscape, when viewed holistically (and imaginatively) have resulted in great works of engineering and sublime travel experiences. Learn how planning and technology can enhance planning and construction for great public roads with case studies on three exceptional segments of I-70 in Colorado.
Speakers: Dianna Litvak, Mead & Hunt; Lisa Schoch and Matt Figgs, Colorado DOT

Saturday, September 15 11:00AM
Colorado’s Historic Highway Inventory
The Colorado Department of Transportation has undertaken one of the most successful and comprehensive highway inventories in the United States. Learn firsthand  from CDOT representatives about this extraordinary achievement and the lessons learned from this complex undertaking.
Speakers: Dianna Litvak, Mead & Hunt; and Lisa Schoch, Hannah Braun and Lauren Cooper, Colorado DOT

Saturday, September 15 1:30PM
Documenting Historic Roads in Nevada
Documentation of historic road resources remains an essential prerequisite to recognition, funding and protection. Learn from two successful projects to document significant historic roads and road infrastructure.
Speaker: Tim Smith, Mead & Hunt

To quote the event literature:

At this transitional and historic moment, it is time to reconsider the future of historic roads as both movement and a valuable resource in an era of global change. Join us as we look back with nostalgia and forward with high expectations on the identification, preservation and management of historic roads.

Dianna Litvak

About the Author

Dianna Litvak is a public historian who specializes in surveying historic farms, ranches, post-World War II neighborhoods and linear features such as roads, irrigation ditches and railroad grades. A native of Denver, Dianna enjoys developing interpretive exhibits for properties as diverse as the Colorado State Capitol, Denver Union Station and the National Western Stock Show. She also serves on the Colorado National and State Register Review Board.

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