Discovering history through Pokémon GO?

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pokeman-historic-preservation-300x225pxPokémon GO is a national phenomenon. The augmented reality mobile game has players traveling throughout cities to capture Pokemons on their mobile phones.

I gained a different perspective on the game recently when a colleague shared a picture of a crowd of Pokémon GO  players on the Lion Bridges in the Lake Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the 1896-1897 steel arch bridges within the park were recently rehabilitated by Milwaukee County with Mead & Hunt completing inspection and preparing plans.

It turns out there are all kinds of places in Lake Park that are Pokestops, making it popular with a new audience.  Many other historic sites, markers and monuments around the country are also PokeStops. Some cities and venues like Portland and Colonial Williamsburg have embraced this, sharing maps and tweeting that they have PokeStops and Gyms.  For more info.

History is all around so just maybe Pokémon GO players are discovering historic neighborhoods and sites as they play. That is if they look up from their phones long enough!

Christina Slattery

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Christina Slattery specializes in historic preservation of transportation and engineering structures. She evaluates the significance of properties ranging from missile defense systems to road corridors, and develops creative mitigation strategies for projects.

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